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World Standings maintains the following  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists to address questions about the scoreboard, policies and procedures for submitting scores or record attempts and the WSTR specification.   Video FAQs also exist on the World Standings YouTube Channel.

You may submit questions to be answered in an existing FAQ  or recommend a new FAQ using the Contract Us page, Via Twitter (@worldstandings) or on-line at Formspring.

Q: What is the difference between and
The WorldStandings Network (WSN) is accessed via The information page for WorldStandings may be accessed directly with the WorldStandings Organization address. The WorldStanindgs Organization also oversees other game fields including the IOSC.

Q: How is a game added to WorldStandings?
Games are added to via an Induction Wave. To find out more about the Induction Wave process, please follow this link.

Q: How may my organization or studio sponsor WorldStandings?
A variety of sponsorship options exist. To find out more,  please follow this link.